Saturday, April 25, 2015

Have you ever thought about how we become the people that we are today? I do a lot, and something that I have realized is a big portion of the people that we comes from the family that we grew up in. We gain a lot of personality traits from our families. We gain a lot of memories from them, bad or good. Things that we were taught as a kid will probably stick with us for a long time. So if we have bad experiences in our family, it can have harmful or negative effects on who we may become or vice versa. If we have good experiences, those experiences will also help us to become good people.

Do you see why family is so important? Do you see why it’s so important to be informed on how to be a good spouse, or to be good parents? When you have problems, it’s not just affecting you, but it affects the whole family. Kids observe so much more than we realize, and they are learning from our examples. Let’s make sure that the examples we are setting are good ones!